Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Blair Davidson is a Canadian Graphic and Motion Designer based in Ottawa, Ontario. Inspired by the illustrations in various comic series at a young age, Blair’s interest in visual arts grew, and began taking drawing and fine art classes. Aspiring for a career in a creative industry, he studied Graphic Design at Algonquin College School of Media and Design. Presently, Blair works developing and producing entertainment content for various preschool series for Canadian broadcasters.  

"Have no fear of perfection – you'll never reach it."  ~Salvador Dali

"I always liked this quote by Salvador Dali because it made me realize that sometimes mistakes can lead to the best outcomes." ~Blair Davidson

At an early age, I became fascinated with elephants – I even started collecting little elephant sculptures, which I continue to do today. When researching illegal poaching in Africa, I quickly realized the statistics of elephants being poached for their ivory were alarmingly high. These statistics inspired this piece entitled Massacred in the Name of Greed. Using them, I built up a typographic profile of an African elephant around it’s eye, which I tore in the shape of Africa and scribbled with red crayon to symbolize bloodshed. By visually seeing these statistics, I hope that it raises awareness of illegal poaching and will end the massacre of elephants.