Dazzle Africa is a unique non-profit that partners with local organizations in Zambia to provide programs in Conservation, Education, and Community Development.  Through safaris and local investment, we aim to ensure that future generations are self-sufficient and iconic wildlife thrive.

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Photo Credit: Angelina Galindo

Photo Credit: Angelina Galindo

"I have spent hours and hours watching elephants, and come to understand what emotional creatures they are…it’s not just a species facing extinction, it’s massive individual suffering."  –Dr. Jane Goodall



Dazzle Africa safaris are meticulously planned to meet the desires of our travelers.  Days and nights are filled with wildlife encounters and guests have multiple opportunities to attend cultural excursions and meet our local partners. Of course, everyone differs in the number of activities to attend and we give ample flexibility to allow you to engage as you see fit. The profits earned from our safaris are applied directly to our educational and conservation projects. Given that 30% of our guests have returned for an additional safari, speaks directly to our success!




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Trip of a Lifetime...

“To say that my November 2015 trip to Zambia was THE TRIP OF MY LIFETIME is an understatement. Stacy, Ami and the whole Dazzle Africa crew expertly put everything in place to create an exhilarating experience and permanent fond memories.

“To say that my November 2015 trip to Zambia  was THE TRIP OF MY LIFETIME is an understatement. Stacy, Ami and the whole Dazzle Africa crew expertly put everything in place to create an exhilarating experience and permanent fond memories.

Mfuwe Lodge and the bush camp offered comfortable accommodations, delicious cuisine and a staff that became my friends and catered to a guest’s every need. Our Safari guides ensured that we realistically experienced the animals and nature of the park and tailored every drive and walk to our particular interests.

A true highlight of my trip was that Dazzle created opportunities for us to visit a secondary school and a village where we were able to meet and be with the warm and charming local people. I am proud to support Dazzle Africa and their numerous projects that are making a huge difference for the wildlife and people of Zambia.” Joe Stallings, Raleigh, North Carolina


Donielle Alexander, Peter Zulu, Shera Pillsbury, Caroline Jones, Stacy James, Joanne Hardy, Sarah Early, & Scout in 2011

Donielle Alexander, Peter Zulu, Shera Pillsbury, Caroline Jones, Stacy James, Joanne Hardy, Sarah Early, & Scout in 2011

Founding Story

Dazzle Africa is a 501c3 organization that was founded in 2012 by a small, but powerful group of women that fell in love with the Mfuwe village in Zambia, Africa.

Each found themselves in Zambia for their own reasons, but all discovered a common bond in the passion they felt about making a difference and partnering with inspiring and effective local conservation and educational organizations.

Dazzle Africa has helped brilliant young Zambians attend university and has been rewarded by their passion and commitment to turning this gift into strong results. You will meet some of these beautiful individuals on this website, or in person if you decide to join us on our philanthropic safari adventures.

Our conservation efforts have netted very important advances in our mission against poaching activities in Zambia. Just one of those wins is the hiring of a full-time veterinarian in South Luangwa. Dr. Sichande, who is saving animals from snaring traumas and other injuries endured due to poaching.

We are able to achieve our goals through support from our passionate members, and our focus on partnering with local organizations with long term proven results. These are organizations with consistently successful programs and quantifiable results. They are the area experts, and with our members help, we can support them growing and winning exponentially.

We meet twice a year with our partners to ensure our efforts are focused on our shared goals.

Guests join us on safaris that allow them to experience this exquisite land first hand and see why their partnership with Dazzle Africa matters.



Conservation South Luangwa

Conservation South Luangwa

Conservation South Luangwa

Anti-Poaching Operations – Dazzle Africa has collaborated with Conservation South Luangwa to support anti-poaching activities in the South Luangwa. Poaching continues to have tragic impacts on wildlife populations and affects a wide range of species, such as elephant, lion, endangered wild dog, giraffe and buffalo. Donations to this project increase the number of village scouts and anti-snaring/anti-poaching patrols in the South Luangwa Valley and protect, treat and rehabilitate snared or injured animals.

To learn more about Conservation South Luangwa, click here: Conservation South Luangwa


Zambian Carnivore Programme

The Zambian Carnivore Programme is a non-profit Zambian registered trust dedicated to the conservation of large carnivore species (African wild dog, cheetah, lion, leopard, hyaena), their prey, and the ecosystems they reside in. Their study systems hold some of the greatest diversity and abundance of African wildlife in the region and span a variety of management regimes, from strictly protected to hunted, to communally owned and private lands.

To learn more about The Zambian Carnivore Programme, click here: Zambian Carnivore Programme


The Bushcamp Company

The Bushcamp Company

The Bushcamp Company

The Bushcamp Company’s own charity, Charity Begins at Home, is a Zambian registered charity that greatly benefits the local community of Mfuwe by funding numerous conservation and education projects in the local area. Charity Begins at Home sponsors over 350 students and is our partner in sponsoring local children to attend school. Both Dazzle Africa and the Bushcamp Company’s current focus on education is sending students to college, which we both feel is the greatest educational need in the valley.


National Geographic's Unique Lodges of the World

National Geographic's Unique Lodges of the World

The Bushcamp Company, named one of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World, is also our Safari travel partner. Dazzle Africa takes guests to the iconic South Luangwa National Park to stay at the Mfuwe Lodge where famous families of wild elephants use the lodge as a thoroughfare. Truly a site to see!




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