JENA DELLAGROTTAGLIA - Mixed Media Digital Artist

Aka “the art of Autumns Goddess”


New York City, New York & Los Angeles, California


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." –George Eliot

"The only limit is your imagination." – Jena DellaGrottaglia


New York city native Jena DellaGrottaglia was inspired early-on by the city’s magical blend of architecture and nature. It was obvious even back then, Jena’s wild imagination and natural talent made her different and pointed her towards the artistic life. Though she’s worked with nearly all mediums, Jena’s current work transcends the traditional canvas, coming to life instead--digitally.

She loves creative, whimsical, imaginative art, anything that stirs her soul but Jena’s work is particularly inspired by female strength and beauty. “I think the female form and a woman’s nature… is very moving.”  

Jena has donated and created art for Breast Cancer Auctions and Human Trafficking Awareness. She’s a strong advocate for Animal Rights and believes all life is to be respected.

“I believe each woman has some gift of true beauty inside of her. I strive to tap into it, bring color to that truth.”

With husband Daniel and their two sons (and 3 kitties), Jena now calls Los Angeles home…opening up entirely new inspirations.


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