Art is a bridge to the human spirit. My sculptural work exists to evoke feelings, to awaken people; to dive straight into the depths of human strength and fragility. My creative process represents my deep appreciation for the organic beauty found in nature.

DORIT SCHWARTZ - Artist, Sculptor

Las Vegas, Nevada


The Artist’s Vision

Art is a bridge to the human spirit. My sculptural work exists to evoke feelings, to awaken people; to dive straight into the depths of human strength and fragility. My creative process represents my deep appreciation for the organic beauty found in nature. My works of art represent expressive forms that explore sensuality, inviting people in, magnetically drawing them to physically feel the sculptures. As our senses of sight and touch are closely associated, I integrate different elements into each sculpture, as they never before have been combined. I revel in working with such rare mediums as crystals, raw stone, and reclaimed wood. Not only do I showcase the materials’ natural value, I also create new forms of art by fusing together parts that enhance each others beauty. The finished works inspire the observer to journey from element to element, eventually taking in the entire piece as a whole – interpreting and discovering in them personal meaning as his/her reactions and feelings combine with the art.

As a sculptor, I am drawn towards organic shapes and textures naturally occurring in the environment. The synergy between stone, various other mediums, and my artistry dictate the visual forms that ultimately emerge. The original collections were developed exclusively in alabaster and wood. The newest collections – The Light Within & Light of Kabbalah – are composed of crystals, reclaimed rare woods, hand-carved selenite, built-in lighting, iron and high-polished steel. They represent balance and harmony in nature. I specialize in utilizing each elements’ features. For me, it is a way of celebrating the beauty of seeming imperfections. The nature of each crystal adds it’s own energetic signature and power, the translucency of alabaster offers vigor and delicacy; the reclaimed woods add a piece of rawness to my sculptures.

As natural elements of the universe, I believe that crystals represent raw energy and harmony. They serve as the foundation for my particular creative process. Evolving from an intense need to communicate the joy and beauty of living, fine art and beauty have led me throughout life. I strive to remain open to it in all forms. I allow myself to be the vessel through which creativity flows. I shall continue to utilize my experiences to develop myself wholeheartedly as an artist, a professional, and a woman. This ongoing growth influences my talents and creations. My sculptures reflect this path I am on – they journey to accomplish balance in life. Through my artwork I find myself revealing my past experiences, present beliefs and future aspirations.

Dorit Schwartz Presents  A Light Within


DORIT SCHWARTZ – Studied Fine Arts at the Wizo Art School in Tel Aviv. At the age of 17 she moved to the City of Los Angeles, California. Since then she has continued polishing her skill and knowledge of the arts.

For the past 5 years in a row she has served full-time in her capacity as the Resident Artist for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Las Vegas Chapter. It was there where she first created her now iconic sculptural work Celebration of Life. These magnificent pieces have been painted by luminaries of the artistic community such as Vladimir Kush, Alexandra Nechita, and Michael Godard. They can be seen at various locations throughout the City of Las Vegas as they go on touring the town in key places like The Discovery Children’s Museum, The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Downtown Summerlin, Summerlin Hospital, UNLV, City Hall, and Symphony Park at The Smith Center.

She is the visionary behind a new contemporary collection, The Light Within. In it, she utilizes a balanced blend of rare and reclaimed woods combined with semi-precious gems, minerals and crystal stones to represent the vibrant energy of the spirit source – the soul if you will – that shines forth from within each of us…

In addition to The Light Within, she pioneered the style of hand-carved Selenite in her collection entitled Light of Kabbalah – This is the new collection where she literally hand-carves the sacred symbols as found on the National Best-Seller The 72 Names of God onto a cut of Selenite and illuminates it with a built-in mini-spotlight. Truly a brilliant way of showcasing the Kabbalah meditations symbols in a three-dimensional way!

Her sculptures symbolize the healing power of nature that expands upon her own healing through working with the natural elements. The beauty of her pieces lies in the exquisite sensorial perception as they provide visual and tactile enjoyment their audience. She loves creating new experiences, sharing the values gained by witnessing her works’ balance and natural harmonies, examples of which can be appreciated throughout her Marble Sculptures and Marble & Rare Woods Collections.

Dorit’s pieces are currently being showcased at one of West Hollywood’s premiere interior designer’s show rooms in California; The Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art; The Wynn Home Store at the Esplanade of The Encore Hotel; and The Art360º Exhibit inside The Mayor’s Office at City Hall in Las Vegas, NV.


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Custom Commissions Available Upon Request. Contact Us: